HAJ-KOM ltd. is company founded in 1993. Despite of activity for more then 15 years, until the year 2009 company was presented on market as subsidiary or subcontractor of other companies which were acting as prime contractors. Company management decided to change existing approach to customers doe to the change of economy global conditions. This was not the only reason for changes, because company realize also as good reason to introduce changes in company policy as possibility to fulfill customer expectations in better manner. From 2009 and on, decision was to restructure company and set much more demanding vision and mission of the company.


Vision of our company is to be mediator between the Client and all of the subjects who are recognized as possible part of the Client’s solution. Due to our vision, maxim we promote is “We are here to make your Ideas to became true ”.


According to our Vision, our company’s Mission is to establish relationship of mutual trusts with our Clients, and such relationship to be base for full scale of cooperation.