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In fact, it's about
radio technology

Who we are?

Well, technically speaking, radio technology has been our lifeline – we are dealing with electromagnetic fields, radio frequency components like amplifiers, filters, antennas and similar one. We are designing products based on microstrip and waveguides and leading RF power through all kind of microwave media.

Radio frequency coverage prediction is just one of our activity. If you would like so, we will deploy your radio network and provide you with information on Quality of Service, based on measured results.

We will assist you in Electromagnetic Compatibility issues and help to shorten time to be compliant.

We can do that because we have knowledge and experience supported by proper simulation tools.

Area of our service activity

Planar structures like microstrip and stripline are intensively used in almost all products. They enable complex structures as base to build amplifiers, converters, filters, oscillators and other circuits as part of the system.

Design process of microwave passive components like filters, resonators and other selective structures is quite demanding, and requires  precision in manufacturing process which we have mastered.

Prediction coverage of indoor and outdoor spaces are very important in project dealing with level of electromagnetic fields as values needed for normal equipment functionality or permitted level to protect human beings health.

Why work with us?


We are professionals who will display highest level of professionalism


We provide world class services that will not cost you your arm or leg. Contact us for pricing details.



We are experianced and have been working this job for years


From integrating parts into systems to supplying production components in the exact quantities you need, you can count on us for solutions that put you in control of your project, budget, and timeline.

... and what about team?

As we know nothing without a good team. In our case team is not build to inside, but to outside. What that means? That means that company is closely tight with other companies to form a team. 

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